Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR)/License Plate Reader (LPR), Car Plate Recognition (CPR) is nothing but different names to one perfect security solution. The operation of ANPR System can be divided into three main steps which are detection, recognition and processing. It is important that technology provides a fully adaptable solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any existing workflow. ANPR System in the parking lots, motor highways, and toll station is becoming important to meet both the parking and security needs of the industry.


PARKnSECURE takes pride in its inhouse ANPR Software � Lane3 PRO that provides a tremendous accuracy to system for detecting and reading License Plates.

Main Advantages on the LPR - ANPR - ALPR Software from PARKnSECURE:

� Own constantly evolving and improving technology.

� 90% or bigger reliability rating on LPR (including damaged vehicle plates, etc.).

� Processing time of 10-45 ms.

� Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates.

� Provides reliability of each vehicle plate.

� Provides reliability of each character.

� Recognizes motorcycles (2 lines plates).

� Possibility of providing up to 8 vehicle plates in one image.

� Reading from memory, BMP, JPG file and many more�

� Hardware independent (cameras, frame-grabbers, etc.).

� Immediate integration with IP cameras.

� Standard and free-flow versions.

And in the Lane3 PRO SERVER LPR - ANPR - ALPR version:

� Duplicated license plate filtering.

� Shadow killer.

� Slant Detection

� Perspective correction tools

� Integrates its own database to log every recognized license plate.

� Supports NVR�s streaming protocols

� Can send XML messages to third party systems.

� For each license plate logs:

� License plates (up to 8 on the same image).

� Confidence level.

� Traffic direction.

� Vehicle image (JPG file).

� Timestamp, GPS position, camera Id, country, etc.

� Location of the license plate in the image.

� And more�

Our Technological services has been improved vastly

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