Auditorium Solution

Auditorium Solution

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At PARKnSECURE, we are assisting you to visualize, renovate, create, and automate a modern Auditorium. We take care of everything from planning stage to the professional function of the auditorium. Our professionals will handle every minute detail while designing and equipping the auditorium with high-tech equipment. We are helping our client to set up a state of the art auditorium furnished with high-tech audio visual solution. Modern auditorium requirement will be truly fulfilled with projection display, lighting, peripheral, acoustic treatment, and sound reinforcement solution.


Auditorium can be defined as a large event space where large number of audience will be addressed for an event such as live concerts, plays, seminars, meetings, etc. The space is evolving consistently with the development in technology and is becoming multi-purpose. The purpose of Auditorium is to develop an effective and impactful communication while addressing a large number of people and thus AV technology has to be state-of-the-art here.

As audio needs to be clear for each and every person, projections should be of high quality and at perfect angle so that everyone can see and hear it clearly. Also, the lightening should be controllable as per the requirement. Considering the size of the venue, acoustic of the space, seating arrangement, ambience lighting, and other important factors; we are putting best AV equipment into exact place to make an ideal Auditorium.


The sound system plays a crucial role in auditorium designing. With our expertise in the world class audio installations, we are creating magic with auditorium sound system. The entire system and operations are user-friendly with heavy duty performance and longevity that eventually lead to effective and efficient performance. We initiate our work with careful observation of site and RTA analysis that is further proceeded with designing, installation, and configuration.


Our consultants inspect the entire venue thoroughly before designing the audio solution. They are experts in accurate prediction of how sound would dance in the atmosphere for effective collaboration. We proceed with the basic acoustic treatment after keen observations and analysis with RTA measurement. The basis of designing is to enhance and control the entire sound ambience through the basic acoustic treatment and to provide adequate solutions against reverberation issues such as echo, feedback, howling, etc.


Whether its presentation, conference, seminars, or a movie show; projection system is an indispensable part of the modern auditorium for any need. We have an option for world class quality with a wide range of LCD & DLP projectors that ensure a trouble free and seamless performance every time. Modern amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, USB drive ports, multi format DVDs, etc are installed for hassle free experience. With our Hi-Gain projection screen which can be motor controlled and having insta-lock feature, you can boast of a professional touch in your auditorium.


Perfect lighting is required inside an auditorium for two reasons: one is for perfect view of the stage activities from anywhere and second is for making the place attractive and happening. Whether it’s a projection or a performance or an act, perfect lighting has its own importance in their successful accomplishment. Spot light, wash lights, scanners, lasers, moving heads, flood lights, etc., make up the lighting system along with remote monitoring and managing system.

Why Choose Us?

PARKnSECURE aids in implementing all-digital, networked AV technology that offers high quality sound system, HVAC, centralised control over lighting and video conferencing elements. This allows smooth operation of any events with smaller team.

Networked AV

We are bringing networked AV technology to large meeting venues.

Intelligent Lighting

We are providing centralised lighting systems

High Quality sound

The sound systems that we install deploy sounds that is audible, clear and feel good to ears.