Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier

Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier

Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier

As the name suggests an Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier (ATCC) incorporates various processes and constituents of the toll collection system. It is designed to allow the toll equipment to identify the configuration of the vehicles, so that toll amount can be charged accordingly. ATCCs have nowadays become very common and are highly being used for traffic monitoring or permanent information collection.

ATCC by PARKnSECURE is a high-speed data collection system that detects, counts and classifies all the vehicles passing where it is installed. The best part is that installing an ATCC never interrupts the flow of the traffic. Our ATCC System can be interfaced with various components like VMS,CCTV , Modem and more. It is even compatible with multiple modes of data collection. ATCC helps in counting the flow of the traffic in real-time and the data collected is divulged through the VMS. This further provides assistance to the drivers that allow them in taking decisions which aid in preventing accidents on the highways. Our ATCC system comes with sensor devices that are installed in a lane to recognize the length of the vehicles and hence counts their number. It works with vehicle magnetic mass, memory and a processing unit. The battery is present inside the ATCC cabinet. One can easily get ATCC installed on the pavement or on a pole. It is sturdy enough to bear the truck passing without getting damaged.

What are the elements of Vehicle Classification?

The system determines the class of the vehicle through magnetic mass which involves checking how much magnetic material is present on the vehicle, spacing between the axles, length of the body, number of tyres on each axle. For example, if a vehicle with two axles is passing with a single set of tires on the second axle, then it can be categorized accordingly. With the increased number of the axle, the size of the vehicle also increases, but the magnetic mass decreases. Similarly, a vehicle having two axles and dual tyres on the second axle can be identified as a truck. This is the only technology with which the class of vehicle is identified in a precise manner.

Some of the features of ATCC:
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Our traffic counter/classifier is portable
  • The system is compatible with the Axle Light Laser Sensor
  • Follows Indian Standard
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Multilane operation is available
  • Comes with weatherproof housing
  • For additional storage there is PCMCIA memory option

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