AI CCTV Camera: Future of Surveillance

The world of technology is reaching the next level and this has also affected the surveillance and the way it works. Automated surveillance is booming in the industry and now CCTV camera can easily spot any disturbing behaviour without the interference of humans. Although this tech hasn’t been launched officially yet, it’s coming soon in the stores near you.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based CCTV surveillance system has been developed by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) of South Korea. The basic purpose of an AI CCTV camera is to detect and prevent crimes from happening in the under surveillance area. This system is capable enough to recognize human actions by observing the movements of the joints of the human body via CCTV images. When people place or throw any objects, the camera can easily detect. Offences, like throwing garbage or stealing stuff, can be easily vetoed with AI-based CCTV cameras. The best part is CCTV remain active 24 x 7 and works even when it’s dark in the surroundings. You can say that it is a better way to prevent crimes.

Till now with the old CCTV technology we were facing issues in recognizing the actions appearing on the CCTV footage without human supervision all the time. The system refers to the online YouTube videos and other visual data available online to find out what human hand movements and other actions mean. The AI-based CCTV camera is an action comprehension technology which can work perfectly in the real environments provided that it has all the required data.

Not just AI, but Machine Learning also plays a crucial role in this system, as it allows the camera to analyse and learn the movements of human joints and other moving items. For example, an AI-based CCTV camera is designed in a way that it can recognize the garbage-dumping behaviours and could generate an alert whenever a person throws garbage outside. With this new invention, we can expect that crime rates will decrease and many incidents could be prevented before time.

Possible Issues:

Although AI-based CCTV camera is a great product, it still has some issues which incorporate accuracy, privacy and discrimination. We believe that AI would look at a person and find out where their body parts are, but matching the details with any suspicious activity is a bit difficult. The thing is context and cause of action can’t be recognized by the camera and this can generate a false alarm. Misidentification by the camera could happen when a customer is just picking up a product to just check it out or when the salesperson is restocking the shelves. The designers also agree that common errors by the AI CCTV can’t be rectified completely and it’ll take some more time and expertise.

Until the AI-based cameras are free of errors and ready for the markets, we have to keep our premises secure with just high-quality CCTV cameras. For installation and maintenance services, our experts can help you.

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Pallavi Yadav

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