Benefits of Electronic Toll collection!

In the past few years, electronic toll collection has become a popular choice for authorities dealing with tax collection on expressways and highways around the world. Those days are gone now when manual help was required to collect the road taxes sitting in the booths. There’s one more reason why the electronic toll system is becoming a favorable choice for many.
With an electronic collection of tolls, one can enjoy efficient and fast services without wasting time due to human errors. Also, the payment occurs automatically without the need for the drivers to wait in the long queues at the toll booth. The entire procedure happens without any need for the vehicle to stop and the amount is deducted directly from the account linked with the vehicle. There are various other benefits of an Electronic Toll Management System, let’s check out a few of them.

  1. Saves time: With electronic toll collection, the stoppage time is reduced and thus travel time can be saved when there are more than one toll booths on the way.
  2. Controls emission: As the acceleration is reduced at the toll plaza, the harmful vehicular emissions are eventually reduced on a larger scale. This also reduces pollution in the nearby area.
  3. Capacity is increased: The capacity of the lanes at the toll booth also increases about 3 times, as a number of vehicles could be accommodated in less amount of time without adding any more lanes.
  4. Reduction in accidents: The number of accidents near the toll booths which have an electronic toll management system decreases, as there’s no congestion anymore.
  5. Saves fuel: Maybe you think that just by eliminating idling and acceleration for one day doesn’t make much difference in the consumption of fuel, but on a regular basis it does. The long queues on the toll plazas can be completely avoided and hence fuel saving is more.
  6. No need to carry cash: With technologies like FasTAGs, the payment is done automatically with the e-wallet linked and the person doesn’t need to worry about cash. This even offers extra flexibility when it comes to the mode of payment.
  7. No more congestion: The vehicles don’t need to halt for long at the toll booth, as the toll payment is done online quickly and due to this there’s no congestion. The number of vehicles waiting in the queue for toll payment is drastically reduced.
  8. Data collection is enhanced: The details like the count of vehicles in a day or information about any particular vehicle are easy to save and get. Everything is done online, there’s no need to manually save the data.

This digital age is affecting various fields worldwide including the Toll Management Systems. Now the tolling techniques are getting modernized and this is actually offering some tremendous benefits. The high occupancy toll lanes are now possible because of this only and there’s more to come. To know more about such Toll Management Systems, visit

Pallavi Yadav

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