Future Fingerprint Scanner: Next Level of Security System

Days have not gone so far when we all were amazed by the fingerprint scanner technology integrated into our Smartphone. The technology is always on the transmogrifying state and now it is a thing of the past when fingerprint scanner was so rare to use in high-tech security laced places only in the form of access control system.

The foremost form of fingerprint scanner in Smartphone is optical fingerprint scanners used in 2011, time and technology have brought some more advancement and now ultra-sonic fingerprint scanners and under-display fingerprint scanners are integrated into Smartphone.

Well the upcoming fingerprint feature will surely leave you open-mouthed because it can check, detect and analyze body’s temperature and then verify the user.

Basic Algorithms on Which Upcoming Fingerprint Scanner Will Work

Researchers are working on developing such flexible and transparent fingerprint sensors that will detect the temperature of the body along with the tactile pressure applied.

The scientists at UNIST Center at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology are working on this concept for fingerprint sensor technology. Actually, the fingerprint scanner sensors will be integrated with skin temperature and tactile pressure sensors, all in transparent forms.

This is about to give more power to Smartphone makers and others to enhance the security features via advanced form of fingerprint sensors.

How Body Temperature Will Intensify Security System

It will detect human body temperature and pressure applied that will ensure that no fake hand or artificial fingerprint is being used instead of the original one. Through temperature measurement feature, it will enhance security and identification for the fingerprint used whether it belongs to an alive or dead person.

Rather thinner, advanced and full-screen fingerprint scanners will work with more accuracy and speed to those of capacitive fingerprint scanner.

ParknSecure is very attentive towards provision of security solution for commercial, residential and enterprise usage. We are already dealing with the latest available technology in this context and are looking forward in coming future as well. If you are still waiting to upgrade or to install best available security system solution for you but haven’t got it, might be your solutions are waiting for you, get it now.

You can also read how you can enhance security with access control system and automated visitor management system.

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Anubhav Goel

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