How Sanitization Tunnel is Made Safe from Virus & Bacteria?

What is a Sanitization Tunnel?

With a sanitization tunnel, we have found a reliable disinfection method which is a low-cost acquisition and operation tool. It is capable of eliminating about 99% of the virus and bacteria from the users. Thus, it decreases the risk of contagion among other healthy people. This not only helps in containment of diseases at a public place, but also the deadly
corona virus could be avoided. During such crucial times, it is essential to keep the staff members, clients and yourself safe from being affected with Coronavirus. Currently, there’s lockdown in the entire country, but even when the lockdown will be over, the public places are required to be cautious about who’s visiting their place. For being safe during coronavirus, a sanitization tunnel can be a great help.

Benefits of installing sanitization tunnel at a public place:

  1. Up to 99% of the bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the human body.
  2. The risk of virus is reduced in an effective manner.
  3. Easy to use, fast and offers an economical way to reduce the bacteria and virus risks.
  4. The sanitization system is very reliable, simple and effective.
  5. The best part is that the disinfecting cabin is portable and inflatable.

How sanitization tunnel is kept safe from bacteria and virus?

When the person enters the sanitization tunnel, through the nozzle the disinfectant is sprayed and the solution falls on the human body. The solution reaches to all the body parts and belongings of the user, thus effectively sanitizes the person. The sprinkler used in a sanitization tunnel is of high quality and meet the standards of the industry. Also, the solution used can kill all types of viruses. This system is suitable for all the public places, be it offices, hospitals, schools, etc. This ensures a safe and healthy environment for the people and even the risk of spreading coronavirus reduces. Combined with the face masks, the effect of sanitization tunnel gets even stronger.

What type of solution is used?

Generally, the disinfectant used is Chlorine Dioxide, however considering the fact that it will be used on humans passing through the tunnel, the Govt. has suggested to use herbal sanitizer. To know more you can contact PARKnSECURE at

Here are the following benefits of a herbal disinfectant.

  1. Good for human skin.
  2. No side effects.
  3. It doesn’t leave any odor or residue.
  4. Effective in sanitization.
  5. Can disinfect plastic, glass, hospital floors, laundries, beverage, food processors, and much more.
  6. Quick sanitization results. So, don’t delay and get your place free of viruses and bacteria by installing a sanitization tunnel. When the lockdown will be over such systems will be a great help. To know more or to get one installed in your office, visit

Pallavi Yadav

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