Security system

Modern Parking and Security System Made Up of RFID and ANPR System

Technology drives changes in almost every aspect of life and that’s why parking system, infrastructure, and complexes are going through major transformations. Presently, the entire parking solution and security system is about to automate through the perfect use of modern technology and creative concepts. Now the parking areas are being developed as more friendly to the users as well as owners. The entire system is modified in order to serve more secured and sophisticated parking facility to the users. The highly satisfied parking facility will help vehicle owners to keep their woes related to parking out of their life. There are public areas such as companies, schools, airports, complexes, residential big restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, residential complexes and many others that are adopting this kind of provisions in order to supply an optimized parking solution to the vehicle owner so that they can monitor their vehicles easily.

RFID System is Automating The Security System 

Security system

The Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID system) is generally used to automate the parking system and to intensify the security factor in parking areas. The entire system is assembled with antenna, reader and an extremely tiny tag which is responsible for the seamless flow of vehicles. There are several others profitable aspects out of such system but one of the most favorable is that it allows a smooth flow of vehicles even in heavy traffic areas and time. Additionally, this is highly effective in controlling the movement of railway, airports, seaports, and can also similarly effective for municipal vehicles such as garbage trucks, trolley, and tolling. Apart from simplifying the parking system at various place, the RFID system is also enabling the security measures at schools and provide a safe world to the children.

ANPR System Collects Vehicle’s Important Information 

Security system

Another useful system is ANPR which is the acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. It is a technology which is an important part of parking system and it contributed a lot in safety measures. It took an important place in controlling and monitoring of any violation of the traffic rules, additionally it is also very useful in case of any crimes. As it consists of two cameras, one of them is for capturing the image of the driver and second one is for taking the image of number late of the vehicle. The OCR system is responsible for converting the image of the number plate into character and finally provides the number of the vehicle along with the image of the person who is driving the vehicle. Now you can imagine how useful this is for modern concept of parking and security system.

ParknSecure is a certified ANPR supplier. In fact, we are involved in providing a complete parking guidance system solution. We understand that modish form of technology in this niche can transform life into easy mode. We want to pace toward transforming the traditional parking scenario into highly sophisticated form through the effective and innovating planning and procedures.


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