Reliable Security Systems Businesses Need for Ease of Access!!

Controlling a large number of people while passing through a particular area is a hectic task and even the security guards fail to do this in an effective manner. For managing crowd security systems like flap barriers and turnstiles do a great job. These allow only the authorized personnel to enter the premises and the best part is once installed they don’t need much maintenance. You can get them installed at the entry and exit gates of any building. Even at the toll gates, one can simply install these easy to use security systems and manage the traffic.

Let’s explore the currently available barrier systems and turnstiles and check out their various functionalities and benefits:

Flap barrier

These are used in areas where personal surveillance is available. They are very advantageous, as they are safe to use and even allow the physically challenged people to pass through quickly. They look attractive in stainless steel and are durable, as, with minimal maintenance, they’d last for many years. They are commonly used in parking lots, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile is meant to ensure whosoever is entering the premises is authorized. They have a compact design and offer a very cost-effective security solution. Also, these are appropriate for the places which experience a high amount of traffic. They have an easy mechanism which works with a slight push that gets it unlocked. Also, when there is power failure the system collapse entirely. For an office or buildings, this can be a good choice.

Full Height Turnstile

These help in improving the security of the property by controlling the entry of the number of people. With full height turnstile, you can limit the number of users who can go out and enter the area. This is kind of setting up smart boundaries in order to keep the access secure. Also, tailgating is prohibited, so unauthorized people can’t enter right behind the authorized ones. For parks, companies, military zones, airports, educational institutions, etc. this is a suitable choice.

Swing Barrier

This is another amazing security system for the buildings, where accessibility and protection are required. They can bear high traffic volume and costs low. With high durability due to stainless steel and resistance from dust and water, they ensure easy control over the crowd. As their name suggests, they swing in one or two directions to offer access to the authorized personnel. They can be integrated with barcode, ID, fingerprint and more.

For the businesses which need access control and security simultaneously, flap barriers and turnstiles are a very common and profitable option.

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Pallavi Yadav

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