Significance of Modern Approach of Parking Payment System

The contemporary smart parking payment system is effectuated in order to lessen down the limitation of the traditional payment methods at parking lot. It can be successfully achieved by revamping the payment system with the best implementation of parking meters and other new technologies. Some significant flaws were noted including delays in overall process and inconvenience to the users while dealing with the cash. Also, conventional method requires more human resources for parking lot management. However, there are several others benefits associated with the smart parking system.

Modern approach of parking payment system evolutes to tone down the requirements of maintenance and staff for traffic control as well as payment processes. The system is usually constrained by several methods such as:

  • Contact method
  • Mobile devices
  • Contactless method

The contact method makes use of smart cards, credit cards, and debit cards. On the other hand, contactless cards implement the use of mobile devices and contactless cards with the help of Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) tag using RFID technologies. In the contact method, it is mandatory that the card is in contact with the payment machine or parking meter, whereas the contactless method offers convenience to the users by simplifying the payment process.

Now parking meters have been cobbled together with the technologies that are capable of bringing revolution in traditional parking payment system through the implementation of several sophisticated methods such as:

  • Ratification of debit cards, credit cards as well as any other smart card.
  • Solar power source for various system operation
  • Wireless connectivity for improving the flexibility
  • Implementation of Photo Violation Meter
  • RFID Technologies

Parking Payment System Helps in Controlling of Violation

Implementation of PVM (Photo Violation Meter) is dealing with the violation of parking rules in the parking areas. Actually, it uses strong sensors in order to detect the presence of any vehicles. Also, it is able to handle the collection of fines and capturing the images of vehicles which is violating the regulations and save it as evidence.

The significance of RFID Technologies

Well, you have already learned about how RFID intensifies the security system and parking guidance system at a parking lot. However, it also helps in collecting the payments in commercial parking areas as well as Toll facilities.

Implementation of Mobile Devices

The contrivance of mobile devices such as PDA, mobile phones, and Tablets are usually commingled with other devices such as cards and parking meters. In some system, beforehand registration through internet is required in order to utilize the preferences. Some systems can also send SMS notification as a reminder of due time to the concerned patrons and also let them add the payment for an extended time if required.

Security Would Be the Biggest Concern in Parking Payment System

The primary concern which is preventing the implementation of modern payment system is the doubt of poor grade of security and privacy issues. This would be because the system is dealing with the confidential data of the users including personal as well as account information. With the increment in threats and vulnerabilities, it is quite sensible to be worried. RFID implementation is vulnerable to malware and virus attacks. Sniffing, replay attack, spoofing and service denial are other such harmful activities that can be done on the system. To overcome such issues, several actions have been taken to secure the data which ranges from updating to the latest software, detection and evasion, cryptography and sometimes temporary deactivation of service.

Implementing the New Billing System at Parking Lot

Since its inception, ParknSecure is devoted towards bringing extremely sophisticated and secured parking lots across entire nationwide. As we are already on the way to converting cities into smart cities through our extensive range of solutions and services, simultaneously we are implementing the state of art technology in the entire system. As a result, the most advanced version of the billing system is introduced by us in the parking lots which are liable for not only easiness but security as well. Reach us at to find out a portfolio of services and specialties.

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Anubhav Goel

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