Smart Mobility and Its Significance in India

The transportation sector in India alone accounts for over 33 percent of total crude oil consumption of which over 80 percent is used by road transportation. This is accountable for the transport sector to be green, safe and smart.

What Is Smart Mobility in India?

It is experienced that most of the people in India are dependent on public transport and this mode of transportation is however listed in Smart mobility’s elements but this is not the only one. In order to define all modes of transport in India; enhance the potential ease of people in rural, semi-urban as well as urban areas and cities without harassing the environmental concerns. Implementation of technologies in Intelligent Transportation System which is already widely spread across all over India is consistently bringing a vital change in entire mechanisms and thus proving that India has remarkable potential in the context of technology turnover. The entire measures include road sensors, incident detection, road intersection control, public transport information, vehicle weighing, speed enforcement, RFID, toll revenue collection, vehicle tracking infotainment, individual vehicle management, and public transport information.

What Is the Need for Smart Mobility in India?

With the growth and diversification of cities, urban transportation system also got affected to some extent such as threatening safety, increment in traffic congestion, wastage of valuable fuel, waste of commuter time and adverse impact on the environment. Also, cars, buses, metros, and taxis define the city life. Thus it is advisable that the Government of India should be focused on implementation of high-tech gadgets such as the use of GPS and CCTV security cameras which are responsible to enhance the security concern. Another reason which cannot be avoided while counting the reason of need of smart mobility in India is that the niche industry is growing with tremendous speed in all facets as well as variations and thus provides excellent opportunities for growth and development.

What Is the Next Step of India in This Context?

The mission is to develop the 100 cities into smart cities. Meanwhile, it is deduced that investments and infrastructure are two identical forces that can effectively turn any city into a smart city. With the proper understanding towards the need for technology implementation, Government has revealed about some investment plans such as:

  • Investment of total US $150 billion in shipping and highway sectors across entire nation by 2019.
  • Introduction of High-speed rail networks, bullet trains.
  • Almost 25 hybrid buses will be started in Mumbai and it will especially start in the most commercial hub such as Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC).
  • Implementation of CCTV cameras, traffic lights, traffic signs, barrier system and some other state-of-art-technology for smart tolling.
  • Application of alcohol detectors, red light violation detection, driver assistance and automatic number plate recognition system for road safety.

At ParknSecure, we are involved in providing smart parking solutions and modern security solution through the widest range of products and services. It provides a unique platform making technology as the center stage in front of key decision makers of the country which would ensure that development never loses track in the country.

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Anubhav Goel

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