Smart parking

Smart Parking Will Make Your Event Experience Pleasant

Whether it is a commonwealth game or graduation, all such events are meant to bring an influx of people on campus. But the arrangement of such events is not easy and especially it causes a nightmare for parking manager. As people want timely and accurate information as well as services, so parking manager needs to be worried in order to provide a perfect well-arranged smart parking system as per the contemporary style.

Smart parking

Whether you are a visitor or parking management staff, parking management system becomes a horrendous place during any event. There are so many issues are happening at this time such as:

  • Vehicle owners have difficulties in entering as there is a long queue which is very hard to be managed by the staff.
  • There will be a lot of difficulties in finding a bay to park a vehicle and many of them got parked here and there without any pattern.
  • At the time of exit you have lots of difficulties in bringing your vehicle out of parking and also you just forgot the way to exit in absence of proper sign and signage.

All of such experience has made your event experience worst and tiring. To avoid such a bad experience, an intelligent parking system is necessary which can add easiness, sophistication, and happiness while parking the vehicle and let everyone enjoy the event. Actually, it has an ability to transform the stressful events into a successful event on any campus like intelligent parking system is making city smart.

If you don’t want to turn such special events into your nightmares then you must be aware in order to avoid making of such events into a fuel to your nightmares. Now it is time to make a revolution into your parking lots with our proffered state of art solutions, products, and services.

The primary objective of the smart parking system is to properly communicate with the staff, access to parking space and lots availability updates by staffs, the direction of traffic and simplifying the parking adversities.

Smart Parking: Get Real-Time Parking Information

Smart parking

Smart parking solution empowers your employees to assist visitors in finding parking space and remove the temptation to park illegally or park in a disorganized manner.

Mobile parking management software provides a real-time update of the availability of parking space to the staff members thus allowing them to direct visitors to the right direction which removes frustration for both organizers and attendees.

Use of Real-Time Mobile Enables You To:
  • See and analyze the reports based on trending and historical data.
  • Post the updates of a lot of status easily.
  • Add map data and information.
  • Serve a mobile-optimized experience.
  • Add fast parking decisions as per lot status.

Eventually the accoutering of parking staff and parking members bring a positive experience for everyone. They should be laced with such tools which will ease the process and help the people to bring a pleasant experience for the people attending the event. Everyone hates long search for available parking space and this will help in eliminating the most frustrating aspect of any event attendance. A good parking experience can also result in increased revenue from parking fees.


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