Think Large think Video Walls!!

           Video walls?…Have you heard about them? Not yet!!

Let me tell you that you might not be aware of the term, but you are seeing them everywhere, from malls to salons. Such display technologies are getting very popular day by day and most of the businesses are opting for video walls to gain the attention of the target customers. Although, many business owners are already taking advantage of large displays, still others are there who haven’t explored the benefits of video wall displays yet. If you are one of such people, then this blog is definitely going to help you.

There’s no doubt that video wall solution can help in upgrading the marketing campaign and increases the ROI, but how do they do it, we are going to find out in this blog. Let’s start…

Video wall offers High Definition advertising:

This is the primary advantage of the video walls, they offer HD advertising. The reason is the high definition panels and with this quality of ads, one can definitely get an opportunity to enhance your advertising campaign. The visual appeal attached to video walls is unmatchable and people just can’t ignore such high-resolution images or videos.

No matter what the setting is ads can be displayed in any:

If you remember the outdated way of advertising, which is through the projector, then they aren’t suitable for bright daylight. The anti-glare property isn’t present in projectors, so they are fit for advertising 24 x 7. But, with video wall display solutions, you can have backlit with indoor LED or LCDs which provide anti-glare display and could work perfectly in any weather conditions. So, doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are you can easily target your potential customers anywhere and at any time.

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Changing content in real time is an easier job:

You need not be present near the screen to change your ad, as remote facility is available. No matter what is your current location, you can control more than one video walls from a video wall controller at a remote location. The usefulness of the video walls is also proved by this factor.

High Scalability:

The size of the video wall is never an issue, as it can be adjusted as per the needs of the business and the marketing campaign. For displaying ads on a large screen this is the best option. This even ensures that you get a desirable response from the customers for your advertisements.

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Highly Versatile:

Blending marketing elements with each other and creating an effective marketing campaign is only possible with video walls. The best part is that the display walls can be controlled from anywhere, all you need is the compatibility of the wall with your PC. With digital files, you can run everything, so there’s no need to convert data into any other format.

Cost Efficient:

The LCD and LED video walls to stay strong no matter what and that’s why it’s like making a long term investment.  Mesmerizing colour, texture, high brightness and picture quality it’s easy to grab of more number of people while spending a minimal amount of money.

Now you know that visual advertisement is a crucial aspect of marketing and ignoring this would be a mistake. So, if you want to take your marketing campaign to the next level, you must consider the video walls.

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Anubhav Goel

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