Visitor Management System: Before And After The Digital Revolution

People are becoming more tech-savvy and thus fascinating for advanced version in any field. Business is no more an exception; consequently, it also faces a challenging marketing environment. As an important segment of any business, visitor management system is also revolutionizing with the pace of the technology development. In order to enhance the business efficiency, it becomes very necessary to understand what visitor management system is, how it is changing with the time and why you should use it.

Contemporary Visitor Management System

The stereotyped visitor management system usually consists of every activity related to visitors using pen and register. Every visitor has to note down his name, to whom he has to meet, timing, and contact number and from where he has come. Then after, the receptionist will inform the host about arriving of the visitors. Likewise, the sheets get filled and so the register, loads of register is forming a huge pile.

Advanced Visitor Management System

But what happens if you have to search for a definite visitor or what if you need to find out how many visitors have come in last year or week or month. What if you want to know a number of visitor of a special kind, such as only interviewer, etc? In such circumstances, you will stick with a long stack of register and file and you have to search manually which is a very hectic process and may take lots of time. Also, it is not necessary that you will eventually have a true result as it definitely consists of some human errors.

Although it is a most effective traditional visitor management system, nowadays it is not a good one and that doesn’t hack it for most companies today. This system also needs some investment to pay the receptionist with salary and other benefits. Furthermore, most of the companies require more advanced security rather than pen and paper documentation. Also, every company wants to be operated with advanced technology and don’t want to show a parrot fashioned system to its customers, applicants, partners and to the worlds.

Modern Visitor Management System


Visitor Management System

These days, companies are repudiating the pen and register and started to adopt digital visitor management systems which also include iPad instead of receptionist. Now the digital management system is drawing the revolution in visitor management system and perfectly doing the core job of visitors checking and management. However, there are many other things that it can do which you cannot accomplish with pen and paper, such as.

  • Maintenance of visitor log which is cloud-based.
  • Capture the photos of visitors which are very beneficial for security purpose.
  • Provide a customized visitor ID with company’s logo.
  • Guides a visitor in proper ways.
  • Can accept any food deliveries at office along with document drop off.
  • Also, accept deliveries from courier services such as FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • Take signatures whenever necessaries.
  • Notify to the host after arriving of any visitors through email, SMS, slack notification, etc.

Visitor Management System In Upcoming Days

There is a sneak peak in the visitor management system in coming days, such as

  • Would be an imperative system of every office
  • Compatible and will be integrated with security system
  • Will perfectly integrate with other management technologies

Advanced Visitor Management System

All in all, a visitor management system helps in achieving the more office productivity, advanced security system and heft up the brand image. As per your interest, we at ParknSecure can add-on each of the above-stated benefits into your system so that you can drive your business with much of efficiency. For more information visit


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