Door Frame Metal Detector

Door Frame Metal Detector

Door Frame Metal Detector

A Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) is a metal detector fitted in a door to detect metal that may be hidden on the body of the person passing through it. Also known as "walk through" metal detector, it is widely applicable for screening at access point in Hotels, Airports , Malls, Multiplexes and various public visiting areas to detect the suspicious metals or weapons on human body.

PARKnSECURE Door Frame Metal Detector

The PARKnSECURE's DFMD are one of the world's finest walk through/door frame metal detectors and work on a superior pin point technology and unmatched discrimination features. It has a unique multi zone design which guarantees, first-rate performance to customers. It is capable of detecting trafficking of metals and arms, also people passing through it never have any inconvenience. It works on supreme pin point technology along with unmatched discrimination feature. Comprising of all safety features, the PARKnSECURE's DFMD are truly the first choice of metal security door for professionals nationwide. We have customized the solution according to Indian standards that sounds ideal for detecting any frisking or metal objects.

Key Features:
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Harmless to human body.
  • Multi zones have adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Equal sensitivity for ferrous and non-ferrous meta
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Well integrated LED and alarm to show where the metal is.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Video Incident Detection Systems (VIDS)
  • High density fire-proof material.

Why Choose Us?

Our Door Frame Metal Detector provides all the safety features and the first choice for all the door professionals around the world. The ultimate combination of cost and quality we offer couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Smart detector

You can choose the sensitivity as per the type of weapons you are looking for.

Safe for all

It is safe for all from the pacemaker wearers to pregnant women.

Easy to install

The door frame metal detector can be assembled in 15 minutes.