Red Light Violation Detection System

Red Light Violation Detection System

red light violation detection System
What is the most common traffic rule that people break in India?

You thought it right, it’s violating the red light. It’s a very serious and dangerous traffic rule violations in the day-to-day traffic system . The saddest part is that people usually get away with it because sometimes the traffic light isn’t having an attached overview camera or the authorities not taking any visible deterrent measures. For such situations, Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system exists that is capable of improving compliance with the traffic safety rules and offering a safer driving experience. By installing an RLVD system the movement of vehicles along the stop line becomes smooth and the number of fatalities and accidents reduces effectively at the intersections.

PARKnSECURE provides RLVD system which is not only fully automated but does its job the way you expect. It will check if any vehicle has jumped the red light or is stopping over zebra-crossing and after the red-light mark or not.

It includes an overview camera and an ANPR camera. With the overview camera, the client can view the whole violation incident and with the (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)ANPR system records the number of the vehicle. The system is designed to take input from the traffic lights and as soon as a vehicle is there violating the red light, it captures it. Our high-tech RLVD system comes with an advanced and easy to use UI (User Interface) that offers seamless operation. The UI gives output in form of images of the vehicle, text conversion of number plate after OCR and other details of the violation including date, time and location.

Advantages of Installing PARKnSECURE’s RLVD System:
  • It can be easily integrated with various third party database, like VAHAN, etc.
  • Our system offers 98% in Red Light Violation Detection.
  • Maintenance cost is low and the system offers high scalability
  • Detection occurs in real-time.
  • Easy integration with E-Challan System.
Other Features:
  • The system captures the evidence of a violation
  • It works 24 x 7 with automation.
  • The detection system is video-based
  • Customized reports

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