Without Helmet Detection System

Without Helmet Detection System

without helmet detection System

Following road safety rules is crucial, but there are many out there who violates them risking their own and others life. The most common road safety rule violation is people not wearing helmets while riding a two-wheeler. The reason is that motorcycles and scooters are the most affordable and a daily mode of transport and people get negligent towards safety sometimes. Riders not wearing helmets like it’s normal is a danger for all.

Although major cities in India have already deployed large video surveillance network to keep an eye on a wide range of traffic rules violation, detecting people without helmets is the difficult of all. The reason is with normal CCTV cameras it is a difficult task and situations like occlusion, poor quality surveillance, illumination and varying weather conditions can be a hurdle. This is when a no helmet detection system comes into the picture. Thus, authorities nowadays prefer to install a no helmet detection system to identify the rule violators. Wearing helmet is mandatory as per the traffic rules and those who don’t obey to it have to pay hefty fines. With a reliable No Helmet Detection System in place, this job gets easier. AT PARKnSECURE, we provide such No Helmet Detection System that aids in increasing the ridership safety. Our aim is to reduce the road fatality rates day by day by ensuring that people never forget to wear helmets while riding a two-wheeler.

Features of our without Helmet Detection System:
  • Comes with user management and admin function.
  • User friendly and intuitive UI/UX.
  • AI based video is captured.
  • Works well with non-lane discipline traffic.
  • Review no helmet violation and evidence data.
  • Data security is offered to ensure integrity and confidentiality.
  • Real-time analysis of two-vehicular traffic and violation.

The No Helmet Detection System that we offer is completely based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and we have launched it after an extensive research. With automatic no helmet detection there is no need for manual intervention and the user gets to enjoy transparency when any violation is booked. The challan is sent only after the image is captured and number plate of the vehicle is recognized with the video clip of the violation. As everything in the system is automated and it is already giving efficient and accurate results, there is no need for extra manpower.

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