Wrong-Way Detection System

Wrong-Way Detection System

Wrong-Way Detection System

Wrong way vehicle driving crashes have caused thousands and even more fatalities over the years and the numbers are higher in comparison to accidents due to other violations. This has created an urgent need for a Wrong Way Detection System. Authorities need a system that is capable enough to act powerful and dependable when it comes to keeping the roadways safe. Our system is not only cost-effective but is very reliable and available whenever you need it. Our multi-channel system even offers high accuracy sensing and verification and comes with the following features:

  • Generates alerts through flashing message: Through flashing sign the system alerts the wrong-way driver that he/she needs to turn around immediately.
  • The system verifies: If the driver continues on the wrong way vehicle driving even after looking at the alert message, then the system captures the vehicle for a penalty.
  • Other drivers get the alert: The motorists coming the right way are also alerted through the flashing message that a vehicle is coming the wrong way.
  • Alert is immediately sent to the authorities: The authorities are immediately informed about a vehicle in the wrong way direction with video evidence. The alert is sent via email or text message so that they can take the required action.
  • Notification is sent to TMC: The Traffic Management centre and social applications are also notified about the activity via 511 systems.
What are the benefits of getting Wrong Way Detection System by PARKnSECURE?
  • Our system uses Lidar at multiple points in order to identify the vehicles coming the wrong way.
  • The users get to enjoy the remote access, as our system can be easily accessed from anywhere; all you need is an internet-connected device.
  • Being a fully-hosted system, the web-based remote management service is available 24 x 7.
  • The system is password protected having three levels of user access. Thus, there won’t be any incident of unauthorized access.
  • The system is also accessible via API to inform other systems.


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